MDS has been using computer software to engrave beautiful music notation since 1992. We started with Finale, then Sibelius when it was launched one year later in 1993. Last year, we added Dorico to our software armoury. We can also produce excellent Gregorian chant notation using the Gregorio project tools.

MDS will happily engrave anything from a single-leaf piano piece to a full-size hymnal. We are not limited to just the musical notation, being equally skilled in InDesign and Photoshop.

MDS has engraved almost all the music that is available for sale on this site. Our work for other publishers includes:

  • Keyboards in Context (in Music Technology in Action), BECTa, 1998
  • Psalm Songs, volumes 1-3 (with David Ogden, Cassell, 1998)
  • Baptised With Fire(with Paul Wellicome, Society of St Gregory, 2000)
  • ICT Activities for Music (with Andy Murray, Heineman, 2002)
  • Dreamcatcher (White Pearl Records, 2011)
  • Glory to God (with Peter Jones, Decani Music, 2011)
  • The RSCM Book of Psalm Songs (with David Ogden, RSCM, 2024)

Tell me how to request a no-obligation estimate for MDS to engrave my music.